As a former US Marine, I’ve always tried to keep in shape. I will admit that at times, it has been difficult. With work and kids and vacations and holidays and birthdays, it seems like there is always something getting in the way. Not to mention my passion for chocolate chip cookies. But I believe that the obstacles can be overcome. Getting in shape can be achieved. At 55, I am in the best shape of my life. I am CPR certified and recently received my personal training certification as well.

My wife, BeHai, discovered the Fit Body fitness formula while trying to get back in shape after our second child. She found workouts that work for her, she found an environment that she enjoyed and she got results. From that experience she got motivated to become a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Boot Camp Coach and to open our own fitness studio. She is also CPR certified.

BeHai and I started on this journey because we believe in the formula. We believe that fitness can improve your life. The workouts work and if you follow some very simple nutrition advice, you can achieve your goals.

The fitness studio that we are in the process of creating will be:

  1. Fun

    • It is important to enjoy the workouts. If you do not enjoy them, you probably won’t be back.

    • If you are having fun you will benefit in two ways – from the workout and from the mental boost.

    • Our Coaches will be smiling and they will get you to smile as well.

  2. A Community

    • Ever been to a big box gym and feel disconnected or unmotivated? At Fit Body Boot Camp we want you to be a part of the family. We will motivate and encourage you, we will connect with you and coach you to reach your goals. Everyone around you will motivate encourage you as well.

    • Everyone benefits by helping others to achieve their goals.

  3. Welcoming

    • Everyone is welcome at Fit Body Boot Camp.

    • There will be people just starting out on their fitness journey and there will be people who have achieved their goals but still come for the fun.

    • All fitness levels can benefit from our 30 minute routines.

  4. Challenging

    • There will be variety in the routines to keep things interesting.

    • The routines will challenge your body.

    • The Coaches will challenge you and push you.